‘Shilpkar’ – Some clay work

JC in MHOW indeed turned out to be fun. Most of the friends to whom I mentioned that I am going to MHOW squealed with delight saying ‘you’ll have a great time’. They were right – almost daily trips to market or to each other’s apartment, evening walks, the days got brighter every day. Best part being – we started doing craft work in group.

I once read somewhere that when you are having a good time, be grateful. And I am grateful for this good time and wonderful friends. Its soon going to end in less than 2 weeks and I want to relish every moment while it lasts 🙂


Yummy as Ice-Cream


I started making a Granny Boutique Bag, but since I wanted a bigger size bag I made the pattern 1.5 times.
In doing so the top of the bag kept expanding, even though the count of shells in each row was same.
So I thought I’ll invert the bag, giving it a trapezium shape. Then made mirror images of the shell stitch and added a hint of pink.

Loved the result. Enough to grace the bag with real handles. So came the painful work of making single crochet on the handles, to cover the circumference.

It was fun making this bag and loved the way the pattern evolved with each road block. It can hold my hair brush, mobile phones, glares and wallet without any sagging 🙂

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Brighten My Day bag

During shopping for other craft items I found a yarn called ‘malai dori’. I had never heard of it before and the shopkeeper told me that It is used for making macrame products. I looked up on internet and found the English name for it – ‘Satin Rat Silk’. No idea why it is called rat silk. It surely doesn’t smell or feel like that. It feels like Satin and is very smooth on the hook. The shop had beautiful colors of malai dori and I bought a sample from him. Tried the shell pattern and loved the yarn:

  • Smooth to touch, smooth on hook
  • The finishing can be tight and rigid using hook size of 5 mm or 5.5 mm. This will give the finished product a firm feel firm like that of a basket.
  • For something softer and more bendable, use 6 mm or more.

I thought I’ll try the new pattern for bag given by a friend on this yarn. The bag is very sturdy due to the yarn fabric and the use of wooden handles, does not need a lining and the color brightens up anyone who sees it. I am absolutely thrilled with the result and decided to call this one ‘Brighten my day bag’.

Since then, I’ve used malai dori in so many of my projects. I still have 5 kgs of malai dori in my closet 🙂


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A new beginning

3rd March 2012My First Granny Squares

I learnt to crochet in July 2011 and now looking back its hard to imagine that there was a time it seemed impossible to even hold that hook and thread together, let alone make a pattern using it.

But I had a good teacher who always took such a keen interest in my projects and even now motivates me to take the quality level and difficulty level up . I am so grateful to her for opening up the world of hooks, yarns and needles to me.

What made learning it more difficult was that I wanted to start with the difficult yarn first and without paying any heed to the advice of first using a thicker yarn / wool I started with thin cotton yarn and needle like thin hook.

Words of encouragement kept coming and with a bit of perseverance my first ever granny’s square was ready. Then I made the same design with wool and realized that my mentor was so damn right!

I am now teaching ‘crochet’ to others. It is so much fun teaching them and they even listen to me 🙂 When I see them, I realize all the more that I must have given my mentor a really tough time.

Crocheting has also brought out a new emotion in me. The joy of spreading knowledge. It makes me happy just to think that there will be more new people joining the club and get entangled in this mysterious and ever increasing web of yarns woven mostly with love and passion with a little help from hooks and needles.

“I have been rather fortunate to have a friend and fellow crafter in you…and I have enjoyed teaching you crochet more than you would have enjoyed learning…..and let me tell you that the learning has been mutual….crochet for you, and perseverance & humility for me” – Words from my teacher / mentor on the original blog post. Don’t want them to be lost in transition, so adding them to main content!