About Me

I like to write, yet writing ‘About Me’ seems like a task harder than running on treadmill with incline set at 20 (Thatz the maximum mine takes!). So I’ll do what I do while running. Focus on breathing and take it one step at a time.

With a lot of enthusiasm I follow photography, crocheting, DIY projects, writing, cooking, outdoor running, swimming, gymming, cycling, gardening, reading. I love pets and am passionate about dancing and yet I take out time for everything but this.

I like grounded, simple, talented people and try to see good in everyone. I sincerely believe that its very easy to criticize and one must try his or her best to not fall prey to this habit. See good, do good, be good, spread joy and kindness. Lead a simple, generous life. Make it large – not your life, your HEART!

Time to step down the treadmill and cool down 😀

Photo courtesy – Clicked by Ganesh Gaonkar in Pune


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Meetu! I have always been a fan of your DIY projects and photography. Looking forward to reading more of you. We have many common interests and I am sure I would get to learn some interesting things from you. Keep writing! Love 🙂 xx

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