Coconut shell lamp

Coconut Shell LampVery easy to make this one! I love South Indian cuisine, so naturally I have an abundance of brown coconut shells. I have 16 of them hanging in my garden, as of today. 😀

1. Break the brown coconut with a light knock at the center, else it will break unevenly. The real work in this DIY project is just to ensure that you smoothly break it in 2 halves. Remove the coconut flesh and water. Keep aside for eating raw, or for making chutney.

2. Take the half that is deeper and tie a rope around the bottom of the half. You need this to be able to tie ropes on it, for hanging the lamp.

3. Further cut 3 or 4 ropes as per required length and tie with the rope tied in Step 2.

4. Place a little mud in the shell and keep a tea light in it.

Thatz it!


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