Isn’t God a simple way of putting in your faith onto something?

I was watching Derren Brown and the episode covered the fact that how some people are lucky while others aren’t. He wanted to show that this was simply a matter of seizing opportunity and having a firm belief.

Now seizing opportunity is a choice we make almost everyday. The choice we make also depends on our past experiences and the lessons we derive from them. I don’t want to focus on this aspect.

Firm belief – this is what I find enticing.

May be some of us find it easier to put their belief on something else rather than on ourselves. Like believing in luck, believing in God, following a ritual etc. All these acts, is a way of putting your belief in something else.

Lets see this by an example –

  1. “I know I’ll win this game” – Faith in one self.
  2. “May the best man win” – (Somewhere in between. I can’t decide where to put this.)
  3. “Let God decide who wins” – Putting faith in something else

 Now A might seem over confident to some or simply dynamic and confident to others. C might seem under confident and probably even hypocrite to some or humble and devoted to others. Its just a matter of perspective and of course what you think of ABC will also depend on your own belief system.

 Lets try another example –

  1. “I can do better than him. Let me do this”
  2. “I can give it a try”
  3. “I don’t think I can do any better, but I’ll do it if you insist”

I’ve ordered them exactly as above so will not explain them individually. Can you see the similarity too?

Does A think he is powerful enough and C thinks – I can’t be that good, but yes this God, or this lucky statue surely has more powers.

Or is it that A is forgetting humility?

For me I’ll say – even when I know I can do good, I’d feel scared of saying it out loud even in my mind, lest I offend “someone”. Even if I feel like A I’ll act like B or C.

I am certainly not saying that anyone of ABC is superior or better. I am struck by the idea that atheist or not, we are all the same. The only thing that differentiates is on whom or what you place this faith or firm belief.


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