Brighten My Day bag

During shopping for other craft items I found a yarn called ‘malai dori’. I had never heard of it before and the shopkeeper told me that It is used for making macrame products. I looked up on internet and found the English name for it – ‘Satin Rat Silk’. No idea why it is called rat silk. It surely doesn’t smell or feel like that. It feels like Satin and is very smooth on the hook. The shop had beautiful colors of malai dori and I bought a sample from him. Tried the shell pattern and loved the yarn:

  • Smooth to touch, smooth on hook
  • The finishing can be tight and rigid using hook size of 5 mm or 5.5 mm. This will give the finished product a firm feel firm like that of a basket.
  • For something softer and more bendable, use 6 mm or more.

I thought I’ll try the new pattern for bag given by a friend on this yarn. The bag is very sturdy due to the yarn fabric and the use of wooden handles, does not need a lining and the color brightens up anyone who sees it. I am absolutely thrilled with the result and decided to call this one ‘Brighten my day bag’.

Since then, I’ve used malai dori in so many of my projects. I still have 5 kgs of malai dori in my closet 🙂


Link to Ravelry


3 thoughts on “Brighten My Day bag

  1. Hi… I was googling on what to do with my big stash of ‘Malai Dori’ when I came across your site. Can you suggest other ideas where I can use this gorgeous silk thread. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Nisha – You can make bags, placemats, macrame based products etc. Basically youcan make any product you like, just that you’ll need the right hook size. I personally prefer bags of this yarn. They look party like and soft to touch

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