Don’t touch me!

DON’T TOUCH ME, don’t touch me, don’t touch me ……..don’t touch me! I screamed. I’ll fall if you even try to touch me, don’t touch me. ‘Ok’ he said, looking tired and sitting a meter away from me, on the edge of the roof we were trying to climb.

Now this was no Mt Everest, just the roof top of our home. We have a terrace garden on same level as our first floor home, but no access to the roof top. So we were using an iron ladder to reach the top and have an un-obstructed view of the surrounding and the sky 😀

I took a deep breath, giggling a little and then cursing those who didn’t build a stairway to the roof. (No reaction from the other side).

So here I was standing on the ladder mustering every ounce of courage to climb the remaining 2-3 feet of my 12 feet climb. I had a flashback of the time I was trying to jump from one castle wall to another (that’s in old blog), and of the time when as a kid of 12 something, I used climb like a monkey and then jump like a frog from 10 feet height easily.

I didn’t want to give up, so I thought of a cool strategy. ‘Come and hold me’, I said! I am sure I saw a flicker of anger even in the dark. 🙂

Hold my arms, DON’T touch my hands and DON’T pull me even one bit. ‘Ok’ he said with assurance. 

I am sure I would have been hugely annoyed by now if the roles were swapped, but he patiently came and held my arms. I took the last 3 steps and he hauled me up on the last step.

All this effort just to see the roof? Sounds like an over-kill, but when we lied there silently gazing at the sky, all the efforts seemed worth it. In fact it was so beautiful that we decided to sleep there too. (I prefer to sleep outdoor when the weather is good – there is so much fresh air.)

Out came the tent, mats, pillows, bed sheets – and yes, how we managed to take all that to the roof using the same ladder, I leave to reader’s imagination 🙂


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